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Yes. Under Statutory Licence Part VB licence you are allowed to copy and communicate all of a graphic work that is in electronic form.  

If the artistic work that you want to use is in hard-copy form, you can copy all or part of it if:

  •  It accompanies an extract of text material that you are also copying within the Part VB limits; and
  •  It is not separately published (e.g. a separately sold cartoon).

If the graphic work has been separately published you would only be able to copy it if a new copy can't be obtained within a reasonable time at an ordinary commercial price. 

Under Part VB, you can incorporate graphic works into your course materials on Blackboard (including presentation slides, iLecture recordings, handouts, etc) but remember to include the electronic warning notice. The electronic warning notice should appear with or immediately before the graphic work - for example you could insert the warning notice as the first or second slide in a file of presentation slides so that students will encounter the warning notice before seeing the graphic works.

Further information about the placement of the warning notice, including an example Powerpoint slide is available at Copyright Statutory License Notices and Labels website

Part VB does not permit you to upload third-party graphic works to a public website or to social media. It does not permit you to include graphic works in a commercial publication. For these uses you need to get written permission from the copyright owner.

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