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In the past few years, there has been an increasing number of websites that act as a marketplace for students to upload their course notes and sell them to other students. There are two types of websites:

  1. Websites inviting students to sell the University's course materials

    The University owns the copyright in your course and unit materials (including presentation slides, handouts and lecture content). Any materials provided to you during your time at Curtin is for your own research and study purposes only. It is an infringement of the University's copyright if you provide copies of these course materials to other people.
  2. Websites inviting students to sell their own course notes

    Students own the copyright in their own course notes, as long as those notes do not substantially copy the course or unit materials. If the course notes are a combination of your observations from lecturers, unit reading and research with information appropriately paraphrased and referenced in the notes, then this is not an infringement. If the course notes reproduce lecture slides, handouts and other material (by copying text verbatim, images, diagrams, etc.) then this is an infringement of the University's copyright.

For more information on copyright please refer to the Copyright at Curtin website.

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