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Under the terms of the Copyright Agency Statutory Licence agreement Curtin staff are allowed to copy and communicate text and graphic materials for the University’s ‘educational purposes’, which is usually interpreted to mean in connection with a course of study.

While the legal position isn’t entirely clear, there shouldn’t be any problem with using copyright materials (subject to the copying limits of one article per journal issue and one chapter or 10% of the words of a book) for professional development workshops or in-house training programs for the benefit of Curtin staff.

It is permissible to use copyright materials for training, even if some participants are not current Curtin staff or students, as long as the training:

  • Is related to the educational purposes of the University;
  • Is not aimed primarily at people outside the university sector; and
  • Is not run on a commercial basis.

If course materials are to be made available online, the Copyright Act says that we have to make reasonable efforts to ensure that they are only received by people entitled to receive them. This means that they would need to be communicated via a password-protected system.

The Australian Copyright Council provides an information sheet on training materials outside of the educational institution.

Another issue to be considered is whether any of the course materials have been obtained from the Library online databases. In this case the terms and conditions of the licence agreement would determine whether you can make copies of the articles and to whom it can be distributed. If this applies to any of the articles that you wish to use, seek advice from your Faculty Librarian, so Library staff can check the terms and conditions of the relevant licence agreement.

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